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Introducing the Stepmom View. In each season we pick five stepfamily experts to answer challenging stepmom questions. Its like having a team of personal stepmom coaches at your fingertips.

Stepmom Coaches Who Are Actual Stepmoms!

Five different stepfamily experts.

     Five different journeys.

         Five different blends.

               One common goal - to help stepmoms.

Five Stepfamily Experts

Hear from multiple experts answering the same questions to give you greater insight and advice.

You Are Not Alone

Your stepmom struggles are real but you are not alone. Hear how other stepmoms have overcome their struggles.

Answers To The Tough Questions

Hear the experts tackle the toughest questions. You can even submit your own questions for Season Two.

Over 13 Hours Of Expert Advice

An unbelievable amount of stepmom advice all in one place. It's like having a survival guide for stepmoms.

Our Season One Stepmom Experts


Nacho Kids

Laura Petherbridge

The Smart Stepmom


Not Just A Stepmom

Melanie Anthony

Stepmoms Alive

Heather Hetchler


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Season One Questions

Our experts give their views on these tough stepfamily questions so you can learn from their expertise.

Should a stepmom be forced to spend time with the stepkids alone?

How do you handle it when the bio parent doesn't enjoy spending time with their own kids?

How do you convince your husband you need to be a team?

How do you handle it when stepmom doesn't want the bio parent spending time alone with the stepkid?

How do you handle last names in a stepfamily or blended family?

How do you deal with obvious favoritism of the stepkids while the "ours" kids are neglected?

How do you handle not being first or feeling like you are not first?

How do you handle pictures in the home?

How do you handle when the mother-in-law or sister-in-law stepped up when the bio parents split up?

What steps can I take to protect ours baby from bio mom's lies?

How to deal with the stepkids and bio kids fighting?

How to not be resentful for all the hard work you put in when the absent bio mum comes back in the picture?

How do you handle it when the stepkid misses or talks about their bio mom?

How do you know when it's time to leave the relationship and move on?

How do you make the household fairer between the kids?

Why do stepkids lie about the stepmom despite how much effort the stepmom has put into being nice to them for years?

How do you handle house rules, consequences, and chores?

How do you let go of control in your own house and change your mindset?

How do you handle the in-laws treating the kids differently?

What would you have done differently in hindsight?

What are some unrealistic expectations put on stepmoms?

How do you get your husband to parent versus be a Disney dad?

What things do you wish your partners could understand about being a stepmom?

How do you deal with not wanting the bio parent to spend money on their bio child above what they pay in child support?

How do you deal with boundaries?

Did you ever realize that you were the issue in any particular situation?

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